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I came in to slumberland in hermantown,mn 2/06/12

looking to buy a two piece couch set, a lady name Jyll vanhout introduced herself to me and was very nice to me at the time. i have been buying furniture the last four years from your company and let me tell you i have had problems in the past with the product that i spend my hard earned money on.

i am a single mother of four the rug that i paid $300 for broke my daughter face out very bad its wool if i had known that i would never bought it. i called jyll saturday around 10am to let her know that i have to return the rug because of sitting in the emergancy room with my child and comfirming she is allergic to it, jyll tells me that since the rug is on clearance it cant be returned and if it was to be returned i would have to get instore credit, at this point i am very angry and i never forget what people tells me she told me that she made sure she told me that the rug is non refundable and i know for a fact she did not. jyll told me that she will talk to her supervisor and call me back in a few, jyll never called me back and here it is tuesday, 2/21/12. my free tables that are very wobblie just got her witch was suppose to be here on 2/15/12.

i honestly want to return everything i want you to know that i would never spend another dime with your company.. please dont think its over a rug because its not i feel that i was taken avantage of im a single mother and i stuggle day after day to make sure my family is comfortable and dont need to deal with crooks.

also jyll did apoligize about what happen to my childs face but also told me their is nothing that she can do and that she has been in this buisness for years and she knows what she is doing, so i am very happy to know that her costomers dont mean *** to her and that the commision is what matter but i tell you it will never come from me or my family again i also think its a rip off to charge 70$ to deliver down the hill. my name is carmen jefferson my current phone number is 651 226 7363 my address is 1533 minnesota ave duluth,mn 55802 the total i spent with slumberland was 1,274.23 plus another 300$ later that day on a rug.

Product or Service Mentioned: Slumberland Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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San Diego, California, United States #786176

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San Diego, California, United States #786175

To the original poster, posting your personal information is very dangerous.

Please refrain from doing so. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with this furniture store, but if you had problems in the past with them, then you should not patronize their business.

A lot of times we go into stores and purchase items and we don't even think to ask what they are made up.

I bet you didn't even know that your daughter was allergic to wool. I hope all turned out well with your daughter and the allergic reaction that she had.


Love how you prob bought the rug as is WITCH means no re-funds.


It's your responsibility to know what your purchases are made out of, especially if your kid has an allergy to certain textiles. You keep beating the tired old drum that you're "a single mother of X-number of children", blah blah blah.

So what?

Obviously you're not a very good mother or your kid wouldn't have ended up in the ER with an allergic reaction to the wool rug you should have never bought. Also, maybe you should try keeping your legs together and you wouldn't have so many illegitimate kids!

to Very angry reader Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #692992

Also point out that she "has been buying furniture the past 4 years from your company and let me tell you I had problems"


WTF? If you have problems then why do you keep going back?

While I am not impressed by Slumberland or the whole furniture industries commission car sales approach to service, this reviewer is the stereotypical "get something for nothing/on discount" customer who thinks if they whine loud enough they will get their way.. (and too often they do get their way)

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